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About Alanna Knight

ALANNA  KNIGHT is one of the most popular authors in UK libraries. she is a leading crime writer who has three historical crime series, the Victorian detective Inspector Jeremy Faro, lady investigator Rose McQuinn, and time-traveller Tam Eildor.

Her 60 published works also include romantic thrillers and historical novels. Alanna is an authority on Robert Louis Stevenson and her  non-fiction includes true crime, 'how to write' guides and biographies.

Alanna is Hon President of Edinburgh Writers' Club, Honorary President and founder member of Scottish Association of Writers, member of Society of Authors and Crime Writers' Association. 
She appears regularly at Edinburgh International Book Festival and many other literary events.

She is available for library visits with Live Literature Scotland,  master classes, workshops,  adjudications with writing groups and talks to interested organisations..

Latest publications with Allison & Busby:
To book an event with Alanna, please contact her on 0131 667 5230)
or e-mail alanna.knight@virgin.net.

Alanna Knight's award-winning first novel,
'Legend of the Loch' was published in 1969
and this year she celebrates the landmark
publication of her 50th book, her latest in the
Inspector Faro series, 'The Final Enemy'.
Novelist, playwright and biographer, her
work includes gothic and historical novels and
crime fiction, as well as her notable non-
fiction works on Robert Louis Stevenson.

Born in Tyneside of Scots-Irish parentage,
she now lives and writes in Edinburgh,
the city which inspired her popular
and widely-acclaimed series of books:
The Inspector Faro Series.
These crime stories featuring Victorian
detective, Jeremy Faro - the most well-known
and well-loved of all her creations - have won
her praise and fans from all over the world.
Alanna tells the story of where the character came from:
"I was sitting by the window in my Victorian house,
not long after moving to Edinburgh,
and a man walked past. I thought to myself,
'He looks like a Victorian detective would have done.'
- and so followed Faro. I don't know who the man was,
and have never seen him again -
but he was the original Jeremy Faro.
Speaking about her reasons for being drawn
to the world of historical crime, Alanna explains:
"It was the puzzles. History is full of riddles and mysteries,
and the researcher has to figure them out, especially
if one wants to write a book. I love such puzzles,
and I wanted to write some myself."
A founder member of the
Scottish Association of Writers;
Aberdeen Writers' Circle;
Hon. President of the Edinburgh Writers' Club;
she is Convener of the Scottish Chapter of
the Crime Writers' Association;
she is a member of
the Society of Authors in Scotland
and the Mystery Writers of America.
She has been involved over the years in
helping other writers get into print:
lecturing in creative writing as well as
writing articles and books on the subject
and adjudicating competitions.
With tight deadlines, she's highly disciplined
in turning away tempting social activities.
'It isn't deprivation - I love writing.
I can't remember a time when I didn't want to be a writer.
I even wrote plays for my classmates at school
and poems for children's radio.
I realise that I am a workaholic that I'm never
really happy unless I have a book in progress.'
Alanna's Other Talents
Alanna is not only an extremely talented writer
but she is also a gifted artist. She has created portraits
in pastel of many other writers, among them
Ian Rankin, Nigel Trantor, Dorothy Dunnett and Eileen Ramsay,
as well as actor, Robert Powell.
Alanna explains,
"I get the same feelings from writing and drawing.
There is a moment when you realise you have got a
good story, and it's so exciting.
It's the same with drawing.
The outlines resemble nothing, then
suddenly you see a face coming through.
It's a moment of jubilation when you know that
what you're working on isn't going to be a disaster."

Alanna has two sons and
two granddaughters, Chloe and Julia.
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Following the untimely death of her agent, Giles Gordon, Alanna is currently reviewing her position

For Foreign Rights:
For all Foreign Rights enquiries, please contact:
Kevin Pocklington (Jenny Brown Aassociates),
tel. +44 131 229 5334
mobile:  + 44 7952493621
E-mail: kevin@jennybrownassociates.com

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 1. Legend of the Loch (1968)
 2. The October Witch   (1971)
 3.  Castle  Clodha     (1972)
 4.  Lament for Lost Lovers (1972)
 5. The White Rose       (1973)   
 6.  A Stranger Came By (1974)

 7. The Queen's Captain
:8. The Shadow Queen
 9.  Hostage Most Royal
10. Perilous Voyage
11. Castle of Foxes (US only)
12. The Wicked Wynsleys (US only)
13. Angel  Eyes
14. The Passionate Kindness (RLS and Fanny Osborne)
15. .A Drink for the Bridge (Tay Bridge Disaster 1879)
16. The Black Duchess (Spanish Armada and Orkney)
17. Colla's Children (I. of Lewis 1850s to 1919)
18. The Clan (Macdonalds and Glencoe)
19. Estella (Missing years of 'Great Expectations)

CRIME (Historical)
Inspector Faro Series

20.. Enter Second Murderer
21.. Blood Line
22.. Deadly Beloved
23.. Killing Cousins
24. A Quiet Death
25. To Kill a Queen
26. The Evil that Men Do
27. Murder by Appointment
28 The Coffin Lane Murders
29  Inspector Faro and the Edinburgh Mysteries
30. Inspector Faro's Casebook: the Second Omnibus
31. The Final Enemy
32. Unholy Trinity
33  Faro and the Royals
34. Murder in Paradise
35. The Seal King Murders   
Rose McQuinn Series
36. The Inspector's Daughter
37  Dangerous Pursuits
38. An Orkney Murder
39. Ghost Walk
40. Destroying Angel
41. Quest for a Killer

Tam Eildor series
42. The Dagger in the Crown
43. The Gowrie Conspiracy
44. The Stuart Sapphire

CRIME (Contemporary)
45. The Sweet Cheat Gone
ı46. This Outward Angel
47. The Shadow of the Minster
CRIME (teenage/young adults: US only)
48. The Royal Park Murders
49. The Monster in the Loch
50.  Dead Beckoning
51. Close and Deadly (Edinburgh Murders 1900s)
52. Burke and Hare

53 The Robert Louis Stevenson Treasury
54. RLS in the South Seas
55. Bright Ring of Words (with E S Warfel)
56. The Private Life of RLS (play)

57. So You Want to Write
58. 101 Golden Rules for Successful Fiction

59. Girl on an Empty Swing
60  The Haddington Hotel Murder (Murder mystery evening)    
61 The Vanishing Vagrant (with Inspector Faro).

62. Strathblair (Book based  on TV series)

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