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The Rose McQuinn Books

* The Inspector's Daughter (2000) Constable
* Dangerous Pursuits (2002) Constable
* An Orkney Murder (2003) Constable
* Ghost Walk (2004) Alison and Busby

* Destroying Angel (2007) - LATEST IN THE SERIES

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selected as one of 'The Best of This Year's Crime Novels' by
The Times (London, Sept 2001)

In a desperate attempt to recover from the loss of her husband and her baby son, Rose McQuinn has returned home to Edinburgh from the American Wild West. It seems that everything has moved on in her absence, including her beloved stepbrother who has found favour at court and moved to London. But Rose has little time to ponder her loneliness before she unwittingly steps into the shoes of her father, the legendary Detective Inspector Faro, by agreeing to investigate the strange behaviour of Matthew Bolton, husband to Rose's childhood friend Alice.
Alice is convinced Matthew is having an affair but Rose suspects he may have been involved in something much more sinister - the brutal and still unsolved murder of the Elliot's servant girl.
If Rose continues her investigations surely she will break Alice's heart. But she is her father's daughter, and she cannot resist the urge to discover the truth. From her isolated home at the foot of Arthur's Seat and aided by a wild deerhound who has befriended her, Rose starts to piece things together, until she gets too near the truth and puts her own life in danger.

"Fans of Inspector Faro will be fascinated by this novel featuring his daughter, Rose McQuinn.
There is as air of Scott and Stevenson in the writing, a splendid evocation of Late nineteenth century Edinburgh
that is neither picture postcard nor Rebus, where
historical fiction meets a study of manners and darkness lurks behind every facade."
Sherlock Holmes Magazine
ISBN: 184119218X ... Price: £16.99 Constable (hardback)
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Also available on audio cassette from Story Sound ISBN: 1859034756
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Dangerous Pursuits

When out walking on Arthur's Seat, high above the city of Edinburgh, Rose McQuinn discovers the body of a woman in the ruins of St Anthony's Chapel. She is even more astonished when on her return to the scene there is no evidence of either the victim or the local constable who had taken down Rose's story at the scene of the crime.

Turning to her would-be lover, Rose finds the normally sympathetic Detective Sergeant Jack Macmerry doubtful over the validity of her story, especially as the Edinburgh City Police have received no record of the dead woman or P C Smith, the policeman who had originally come to Rose's aid.

Although it would appear that both corpse and constable have disappeared into thin air, Rose is convinced that she had come across a murder that afternoon, yet her ensuing discreet investigation into the mystery of the vanishing corpse soon turns into a more dangerous pursuit.

Is there a link between Rose's bogus constable and the disappearance of a policeman's uniform belonging to the local amateur opera group, currently performing The Pirates of Penzance?

Further complications arise when one of the cast members reports a missing wife; could she be Rose's disappearing corpse?

Rose is unshakeable in her belief that there is a link between the two cases, and her determination to find a solution to this mystery leads her to a terrifying situation where she finds herself well rehearsed for the role as the murderer's second victim.

"aRose McQuinn is, for her time, that rare phenomenon, a female private eye ...
Giving away nothing that would spoil your pleasure,
her solution to the mystery also involves some picturesque travel in Edinburgh and its environs."
The Scotsman
ISBN: 1841194239 ... Price £16.99 (Macmillan) Hardback
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An Orkney Murder
A long awaited holiday for Rose McQuinn, visiting her sister Emily in Orkney, takes on an unexpected and sinister twist when an archaeological dig for the grave of a 13th century princess, the Maid of Norway, unearths a corpse of a more recent date. And Rose, always the investigator, finds that the closer she comes to finding the killer, the more she risks destroying her family's happiness.
ISBN: 1841196916 ... Price £16.99 (Constable Crime) Hardback
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Ghost Walk

 Fourth in the Rose McQuinn series, set in Scotland.

Rose McQuinn, daughter of one of Scotland's most successful detectives, Chief Inspector Jeremy Faro, followed her heart and married the man of her childhood dreams, Danny McQuinn. However, Danny's work in a Arizona with Pinkerton's Detective Agency exposed him to many dangerous enemies, and one day he disappeared from Rose's life altogether. Believing him to be dead and grieving the loss of both her husband and baby son, Rose returned to Scotland in order to start a new life.

It is June, 1897 and three years have passed since that tragic period in Rose's life. She has now fulfilled her ambition of becoming a 'Lady Investigator, Discretion Guaranteed' and is about to marry her long-term lover, Detective Inspector Jack Macmerry of the Edinburgh Police. But pre-wedding jitters become the least of her worries when a nun from the local convent claims to have received a letter from Danny. Is the elderly nun just senile, or could Danny really still be alive? In which case, why would he not write to his wife? Unnerved and determined to find out the truth before her wedding, Rose begins to investigate. However, after two suspicious deaths, all the signs suggest that a ghost is about to walk back into her life.

ISBN: 0749083018 ... £18.99 (Allison and Busby) Hardback
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Destroying Angel

 Fifth in the Rose McQuinn series, set in Scotland.

The autumn of 1897 began well, but within days Rose McQuinn lost two precious things - her fiance, Jack Macmerry, and her elusive dog, Thane.

Her stubborn refusal to give up her job as Lady Detective cost her the man whose love she had taken for granted. A police sergeant couldn't be expected to have a female sleuth for a wife, and so he found comfort in the arms of a more accommodating woman.

And now it seems that Thane's real owners have been found. But when Rose tries to return the hound to the Staines family she is called upon to discover the identity of a blackmailer and thief. The family's tragic past colours Rose's search for the truth and plunges her into ever more dangerous waters.

Just who can she trust in this isolated haven, and what type of life will she be returning to when she finally leaves?

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