Someday, Somewhere

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"...utterly captivating romance...
The beautiful Scottish setting only adds to this
poignant and poetic journey through the generations.
This book is as unique as it is exquisite."
Daily Record

Eileen Ramsay's
Someday, Somewhere
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nominated for the
Parker RNA
Romantic Novel of the Year

also chosen as
Scottish Book of the Month
April 2004

When I heard that Ottakar's book shops had chosen the paperback of Someday, Somewhere as Scottish book of the month in April. I thought, fabulous, and then my editor telephoned to say that Hodder had decided to bring forward the publication dates of both the Someday, Somewhere paperback and my lovely new hardback, A Way of Forgiving, so as to take advantage of the Ottakar's promotion.
Yippee, yahoo. A writer's life can't get much better BUT...
On the ninth of January my editor telephoned and asked me if I was sitting down.
I stayed standing.
After all, people who ask if you're sitting down are about to give you bad news, aren't they?
'I've just heard that Someday, Somewhere has been nominated for the Parker RNA romantic novel of the year award.'
I sat down.
Then I jumped up again- which the dogs did not like one bit- and with the telephone still in my hand, yelled, 'I've been what?' I suppose that was just to hear her say the words again in case I'd heard them wrongly. I hadn't.
Someday, Somewhere, my lovely, lovely story has been nominated for a most prestigious prize and for days, weeks, even I couldn't quite believe it. I was allowed to tell my agent and she was as happy as I am but I was on strict orders not to tell a soul. Wouldn't you know that both our sons called home that weekend and the words, I've just been nominated for the Parker RNA award hovered on the veriest tip of my tongue. My husband bet me that I couldn't keep quiet but I did - and he owes me!! What was hard was not sharing with dear friends, two of whom I really expected to be on the shortlist too. It seemed that the days would never pass - it was a bit like being pregnant but without the delicious joy of sharing with your chums, the postman, the milkman, everyone!! but at last there it was the 10th of February and I was in London. My wonderful agent came to my hotel and we sipped a glass of champagne while I signed my new German contracts. Isn't that a lovely way to sign contracts. I've always done them on the kitchen table with, just possibly, a cup of tea or if I'm feeling wicked a decaffeinated coffee! After the signing we met my editor and the three of us had a lovely meal together.
I'm a fairly pragmatic and practical soul but when I was a lot younger and had just started to write and to publish I actually thought all business was done this way- it ain't!!! Common sense told me that Cinderella would soon be coming home from the ball but boy, did I enjoy it. Reminded me of the old song How they Going to keep 'em etc etc.
Up early the next morning to a hairdo that refused to behave, into the newish outfit, well a fairly new black suit that I feel happy in and a brand new gold top to relieve the black- it is the Parker RNA Romantic Novel of the Year award, after all.
I walked to the Groucho Club- there's a name to conjure with- and arrived, as usual, far too early so I wandered up and down little sidestreets and found out all sorts of interesting things about this amazing city. Met Carolyn, my editor, and Lucy from the Press room -(who juggles me and several other writers with amazing patience and charm) -and we walked to the Groucho together. I'm a better actress than I knew for they kept congratulating me on how calm and serene I was. Neither of those words, believe me, ever has anything remotely to do with me. The next few hours were taken up with meeting the other short listed writers and people from their publishers. Two I knew already, if not well, but it was so wonderful to know someone even remotely.
We met Jamie Faulkner from Parker pens who sponsor the award - what a charmer he is- and he gave each of us a beautiful silver plated Parker pen. I shall treasure mine- much too precious to write with! Then a photo shoot, individually and together and I pray I don't look my usual- I have a tendency to look like Jack Nickolas in drag -sorry, Jack, one of my favourite actors-but I'm usually all teeth and staring eyes. Speeches telling us how wonderful we are- well, how wonderful our lovely stories are and then lunch and were we hungry!
The Lilac fairy waved her wand and suddenly it was all over - we must have said goodbye, goodluck, see you in April -but I found myself standing quite alone in the street outside the Groucho Club, only the beautiful grey Parker pen case clasped tightly in my hand to show me that it actually happened.

I'm home and I'm working on the next novel- due in April- I'll have to stay up all night, every night, and today I said, Goodness, it's already a week and then the phone rang and it was a reporter! Someday, Somewhere has been shortlisted for the Parker RNA award and someday, somewhere life will get back to normal!!!

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Someday, Somewhere
now with new paperback cover design...

Hodder & Stoughton General; ISBN: 0340825723
Holly Noble believes she was the most important person in her Aunt Tony's life: summers spent as a child with the reclusive painter are some of her most precious memories. When Tony dies, Holly returns to the cottage at Torry Bay in Argyll to claim her inheritance. What she finds in the attic changes her life forever... A series of beautifully painted pictures depicting the world famous opera singer Blaise Fougere hints at a secret love affair that spanned the decades. Determined to show Tony's lost genius to the world, Holly decides to exhibit the works. Blaise's arrogant nephew, Taylor Hartman, refuses to believe that his uncle is the subject of the paintings and decides to prevent what he believes to be the deluded dreams of a frustrated artist being shown to the world. But as each canvas is hung, and the story of 'Toinette' and the man Holly only knew as 'Uncle Fire' is told, the colour, the passion and the beauty of the paintings draw Taylor and Holly ever closer.
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Someday, Somewhere

"...utterly captivating romance...
The beautiful Scottish setting only adds to this
poignant and poetic journey through the generations.
This book is as unique as it is exquisite."
Daily Record

"From moments caught on canvas, a tragic relationship unfolds.
And embroiled in this unfolding, two lives become entwined.
Someday, Somewhere is a wonderful double-layered love story,
beautifully structured and a plain old-fashioned good read."
Isla Dewar

Past and present loves are at the heart of this delightful romance.'
The Herald

"romance as good as it gets"
Caledonia Magazine

'Fiction editor Sue Thomas recommends Someday, Somewhere by Eileen Ramsay
... A seriously good read!'
Woman (Book of the Week)

Ramsay caps the success of her first book, Someday, Somewhere
(shortlisted for the RNA's Romantic Novel of the Year Award 2004),
with another cracking good read.'

'As is appropriate in the love story of a singer and an artist,
the prose sings and is full of vibrant colour.'
Historical Novels Review

A glittering cast, luscious costume and scenery and
a love story that survives tragedy and death
all written with the same changes of pace and mood
as opera music. Very clever indeed. I really enjoyed it."
Claire-Marie Watson

"Scots born author Eileen Ramsay
has written another unputdownable
novel based in Argyll"
Renfrewshire Magazine

this review appeared on a new website, www.aroundthecampfire.co.uk 
- Eileen Ramsay -
Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN 0 340 82572 3

        When her Aunt Tony dies, Holly is overcome with grief and guilt.
For the past five years she has worked in Glasgow and has been too busy
teaching and fitting in with her fiancé's schedule to drive north to
Argyll to visit her aunt. She has happy memories of childhood holidays
spent in her aunt's isolated cottage beside beautiful Torry Bay, but
now, after the funeral, she is shocked to find a secret she knew nothing
about. Holly was not the only person in Tony's life as she had believed.

        Locked in the attic are her aunt's paintings that record all the
significant events of Tony's life. She has poured out her feelings onto
canvas and gradually Holly realises that the pictures not only reveal a
deep love that had endured for nearly 60 years, but they proclaim Tony's
genius as an artist. They cannot be allowed to remain hidden.

        Tony's lover is Blaise Fougere, a world famous opera singer and
she has sacrificed her own career and fame to protect him and his family
from any gossip. Now that all the main players are dead, Holly is
determined that Tony's genius will be recognised, but she has reckoned
without the opposition of Blaise Fougere's nephew. He doesn't believe
the story and does his utmost to prevent Holly from showing the
        The book is written with alternating chapters. Holly makes one
discovery after another, but in the intervening sections the reader is
with the lovers every step of the way, sharing their pain, grief,
passion and joy. And through it all, Torry Bay lays its spell on
characters and reader alike, and cements the story together.

        This is more than a love story, it is three running along side
each other: Tony and Blaise, her niece and his nephew and the love all
the characters share for beautiful Torry Bay.

        The music and rhythm of the language compliment that of the
operas, the seasons in Argyll, the changeable weather in Torry Bay and
Tony's moods and emotions.

        The most absorbing book I have read in years. Brilliant.
Unforgettable. Any reader will enjoy it. Any writer could learn from it.

Jean Currie

Holly Noble is still trying to grasp the fact that her beloved Aunt Tony has passed away.  Arriving at the secluded, seaside Scottish cottage, it feels strange to be there alone.  But the small house that was once her second home with her aunt is hers now to do with what she wants.  And everything inside, including all of her aunt’s paintings and jewelry belong to her, also.  Almost overnight, Holly has become a very rich woman.

Tony was a renowned painter, an artist in every sense of the word.  But Holly thought she knew everything about her.  Viewing the numerous paintings stored in a small upstairs room, she finds she really knew very little about her spinster aunt after all.  And very little about herself.
Taylor Hartman is rich, powerful and used to getting his own way.  He thought he was the only one in his Uncle Blaise’s life.  But then Holly Noble contacted him and has succeeded in setting his orderly world upside down.  But maybe that is just what his life needed; a little spicing up.
SOMEDAY, SOMEWHERE is a beautifully written, sentimental, true love story.  Eileen Ramsay has a storytelling gift that is hard to match.  This book is told in both present time from Holly’s side as well as in flashbacks about Tony’s life.  It will make you laugh and cry, and leave you feeling satisfied long after you’ve finished reading it.


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Someday, Somewhere

Hodder & Stoughton General; ISBN: 0340825723

I have chosen an extract from chapter 2 for you to read. I chose chapter 2 because it's my husband's favourite chapter and because it introduces the main characters. The novel is about the discovery of some magnificent paintings. All the odd numbered chapters take place in the present day and the even numbered chapters tell the stories of the paintings, in chronological order. This is from Chapter 2 and is entitled Sea Sprite 1937.

The hero and heroine have met in a London park and arranged to meet again. Tony, our heroine, rushes to the park terrified that he will not be there. But he is.

Wordlessly she reached into her bag and took out his sandwich.

'Such a waste of good bread,' he scolded as he spread open the sandwich and scraped off the cheese. He produced a package and when it was opened Tony smelled unknown but tantalising delights. 'I have bring sausage and real cheese,' he said. 'Now throw the inside of yours to these hungry little birds and eat. I have wine also.'

'Wine?' Wine, Ginger wine, was something Tony's family had every Christmas. This was not the same thing at all. It was red and smooth and slipped down Tony's throat so easily.

'The civilised way to eat,' he said. 'Bread, sausage, cheese and a glass of wine. Fruit we should have also but all I could find was old and wrinkled.'

'I brought an apple and a pear.'

He examined them critically. 'Bien. And now I think we should be introduce, don't you think? Who will introduce us? This little sparrow? Monsieur, will you introduce Blaise Fougere to this great artist?'

'How do you do, Mr Fougere,' said Tony gravely and held out her hand.

He took it in his and Tony gasped as the distressing tide flooded her face and neck. What was he doing to her? It must be the wine.

'And you, Mam'selle. You will allow Monsieur Sparrow to make the introduction?'

Oh, if only he would release her hand.

'Antonia Noble,' she said.

'Antoinette. How perfect,' he said.

'Actually I have begun to call myself Tony. I think it sounds like an artist, don't you?'

'I think it sounds like a man, but it is your name, Tony, and Tony you will be.'

'And you are Blaise?'

'Yes. The patron saint of the throat, but it is a coincidence, or again, maybe it is not. My parents are not thinking that their child will be a singer; they are thinking he will be a lawyer like his papa.'

'A singer?' She remembered the book, Lohengrin. 'An opera singer? Goodness I have never met an opera singer before. I've actually never heard an opera.' She was babbling and she could not stop; he would think her stupid. 'I know,  'Your tiny hand is frozen', and 'Oh, my beloved father', and 'Blow the winds southerly,' is on the wireless all the time.'

'An expression of severe pain crossed his face.

'You have the most incredibly expressive face, Blaise,' she said. Blaise. She had never heard the name before but she liked it. 'That's not opera, is it?'

'We have both much to learn, Tony. I am not an opera singer. I am a student. I study voice and one day, maybe, I will sing.'

'I would love to hear you sing,' she said shyly.

'He shrugged. 'One day. Now, Miss Tony, tell me about Antoinette. Why is she a painter?'

'I'm not, and I think my teachers believe I never will be one. My favourite tutor told me today that my reds don't sing. That was rather demoralising.'

'I think I understand him. Reds should shout 'Look at me.' You will learn. You must study the masters. We learn from the magnificent dead, Tony. So many great men and you think, It has all been done; there is no need for me, but there is. And you listen to the teacher who breaks your heart but you do not permit him to break the spirit, and one day your red will sing higher than the red of anyone else.'

'And will your voice do that, sing higher?''

He laughed. 'I am not, in case you have not notice, a soprano, and to sing highest is not the goal. To interpret the role with the colours, like your reds, with subtlety, and with sensitivity, to say one day - Maybe Beethoven would be please with how I sing his Florestan'

He broke off and looked at her. 'You know Beethoven?'

She nodded.

'But not Florestan?'

She shook her head in shame.

He hugged her. No one had ever hugged her like that. How very French of him. She rather thought she might have some French blood somewhere because she wanted to hug him back but already he was reaching out his hand to pull her up.

'What fun we are going to have, Toinette,' he said already forgetting that he had promised to call her Tony. 'You will teach me about painting and I will teach you about music. But for now, I have a class and the Maestro will say, 'Go back to France. You sound like a pig caught in a drain.' I do not really understand the pig and the drain but I will hang my head and beg for another chance because I have hear that he says this to everyone. And one day he will say in the Crush Bar at Covent Garden, 'Fougere, I taught him all he knows,' and you will make my portrait as Lohengrin to hang in Paris.'

She believed him. It would happen. There was nothing they could not do. They were young. They were in London and a dazzling future spread itself out before them.

But first she would learn how to make red hum a little and she would paint him on the back of a whale.

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That's the title which German publisher, LUEBBE, have given Someday, Somewhere. Schmetterlingstage means 'Butterflies in the Stomach' or 'Anticipation' - lovely, don't you think?
They published Schmetterlingstage, on September 16th and on the 30th told me they had just ordered a reprint!

The paperback has just been out or a month and is number 24 in the best sellers list in Germany!
Für unsere deutsche Leser:


Die Liebe eines Lebens spricht aus den Gemälden, welche die junge Holly auf dem Dachboden eines idyllischen Cottage in Schottland findet. Sie hat es von ihrer Tante Tony, einer bekannten Malerin, geerbt. Zu Hollys Überraschung zeigen alle Bilder den französischen Tenor Blaise Fougère, der auf den Bühnen der ganzen Welt gefeiert wurde. Sollte Tony, die stets allein in Torry Bay lebte, eine heimliche Beziehung zu dem Opernstar gehabt haben? Die Leidenschaft, die in den Gemälden zum Ausdruck kommt, lässt keinen Zweifel zu. Doch warum haben sich Blaise und Tony nie offen zu ihrer Liebe bekannt?
Entschlossen nimmt Holly Nachforschungen auf. Während sie immer tiefer in Tonys ergreifende Geschichte eintaucht, tritt Blaise' Neffe auf den Plan. Der reiche New Yorker Geschäftsmann unternimmt alles, um die Ausstellung der Gemälde in einer Londoner Galerie zu verhindern, und macht Holly damit das Leben schwer. Aber Tonys Vermächtnis und die einzigartige Landschaft von Torry Bay entfalten eine ganz besondere Magie und schenken auch Holly eine Liebe, die den Zauber der Schmetterlingstage kennt.
Eileen Ramsay, in Schottland geboren und aufgewachsen, arbeitete in Washington, DC, und Kalifornien als Lehrerin. Als ihre Söhne erwachsen waren, begann sie zu schreiben. Neben der Oper war das Schreiben schon immer ihre Leidenschaft, die sie inzwischen zu ihrem Beruf gemacht hat. Sie schuf, teils unter Pseudonym, zahlreiche Bücher für junge Leser und historische Romane. Heute lebt sie mit ihrem Ehemann in Angus, Schottland.
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Readers' Digest

Someday, Somewhere, has just been published as a Readers' Digest condensed book.

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Amor Sin Fin...
That's the title which Spanish publisher, TITANIA CONTEMPORANEA, have given Someday, Somewhere. It means Endless Love.

Cuando Holly regresa a casa de su difunta tía Tony sólo espera encontrar recuerdos de la persona a la que más quiso en su vida. Pero hace un descubrimiento sorprendente: una colección de cuadros pintados por su tía en los que aparece el famoso cantante de ópera Blaise Fougère. Aquellas pinturas revelan una apasionante historia de amor entre dos seres excepcionales, una intensa relación en el Londres de antes de la última guerra mundial. Un amor que Holly decide revelar al mundo. Pero en su camino se interpone Taylor Hartman, el arrogante nieto y heredero de Blaise. La confrontación entre ambos tendrá consecuencias insospechadas.

Holly se deja llevar por la rutina de la vida, haciendo planes de futuro junto a su ambicioso prometido John. Pero, tras la muerte de su tía Tony, se ve en posesión de una pequeña fortuna y, sobre todo, del secreto de una historia de amor cuya existencia jamás había sospechado. A partir de entonces nada será igual. La increíble pasión de Tony y Blaise parece traspasar la frontera del tiempo y le da a Holly la fuerza para tomar las riendas de su propia vida. Y quizás, incluso, para encontrar su verdadero amor.

Taylor Hartman es, a los ojos del mundo, el típico joven millonario: arrogante, impulsivo, acostumbrado a satisfacer todos sus caprichos... Sin embargo, tras esa coraza frívola se esconde un hombre decidido, que guarda un leal recuerdo a su tío Blaise, la persona que más ha significado para él en la vida. Por eso no está dispuesto a permitir que su memoria se empañe con la extraña historia de una pintora que podría haber sido su amante. Sin embargo, cuando conoce a Holly, la mujer que ha sacado a la luz esa historia de amor , comienza a entender lo que sucedió más de medio siglo atrás.

13,75 euros TRADUCCIÓN: Camila Batlles Vinn

Click to visit TITANIA CONTEMPORANEA and buy the book
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Het Huis Aan De Kust...

Holly Noble was ervan overtuigd dat zij de belangrijkste persoon was in het leven van haar tante Tony, een schilderes die alleen en afgezonderd woonde aan de Schotse kust. De lange, heerlijke zomers uit haarjeugd had Holly bij haar doorgebracht. Maar wanneer zij na tante Tony's overlijden haar bezittingen erft en terugkeert naar de cottage, blijkt dat haar tante een leven heeft geleid met een groot geheim: Holly vindt schilderijen die ook haar leven voor altijd zullen veranderen...

Het is een serie prachtig geschilderde doeken waarop de wereldberoemde tenor Blaise Fougère te zien is. Uit de schilderijen wordt Holly duidelijk dat deze gevierde Franse operazanger jarenlang de geliefde is geweest van tante Tony, tot een paar jaar voor haar dood. Maar waarom hebben zij hun verhouding altijd stil gehouden?

Holly besluit dat deze bijzonder mooie schilderijen tentoongesteld moeten worden, omdat haartante dat verdient. Ook gaat ze op zoek naar familie van Blaise, waardoor ze in contact komt met zijn neef Taylor, een New Yorkse zakenman, die vastbesloten is de tentoonstelling in Londen tegen te houden. Hij meent dat het om niets anders kan gaan dan een gefrustreerde schilderes die zijn ooms roem wil gebruiken. Maar wanneer Holly hem de schilderijen laat zien in het huis aan de Schotse kust, wordt ook hij betoverd door de liefde en passie die uit de doeken spreekt.

Oorspronkelijke titel: Someday, Somewhere
Vertaler: Milly Clifford

Extra informatie:
 Ingenaaid, 366 pagina's
 Verschenen: april 2004
 Gewicht: 532 gram
 Formaat: 216 x 141 x 33 mm
 de Kern Fontein

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