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"[Peter May] writes with a precision and clarity that is all too rare nowadays. It is fluid, brilliant and entrancing. There’s an almost poetic quality to his sentences which I found just brilliant." 
Shots Magazine

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"May's flair for narrative, characterization and evocative descriptions of various locales and historic tidbits ... fresh and delightfully readable — catnip for armchair sleuths."

  "Caught up in the various threads, readers are lulled into a false sense of knowing where the tale is heading until May pulls the rug out from under them."
Library Journal

"...[leaves] the reader anticipating the fifth entry in this outstanding series"
Library Journal
(review of Audio Version)

"Peter May is one of the best mystery writers on the market today"
The Mystery Gazette

"As we have come to expect from these stories, the plot has its share of twists, love connections and dangerous encounters, all of which keep the reader eagerly turning the pages (hence my single-sitting completion)...
mouth-watering descriptions ... an insider’s peak into the melodrama, creativity and hard work involved in earning and maintaining 3 Michelin stars
...another solid whodunit that is both well-conceived and creatively told"

"this detective mystery will please a wide-range of lovers of suspense novels. Enzo is a dynamic character dealing with not only the cold case, but also some very personal issues in his life. And he does it with great style. Enjoy!"
Fresh Fiction

"Peter May has done it again!! (...) This book is well plotted and beautifully written. Peter May has a series that is a winner!"
Janie's Reads

"excellent writing and excellent story ... mouth watering descriptions of food and wine"
Mysteries Etc

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 "The author of the much acclaimed "China Thrillers" surpasses himself here in misdirection, placing clues in plain sight and leaving the reader anticipating the fifth entry in this outstanding series."
Library Journal (starred review)

"May’s excellent fourth Enzo McLeod mystery... With its intricate plot, compelling characters, and bombshell denouement, this unsettling Enzo Files installment is a must-read."
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"The formula is a neat one, going back to the golden age of detective fiction... Although May obviously (and justifiably) prides himself on his grasp of the plot mechanics, something must be said for his vivid settings, which remove the story from the library and send it out into the wide, wide world." 
New York Times

"We are in the presence of a writer in complete control of his subject and his characters, and not just at the level of day to day activity. This is a truly multi-level work with thoughtful excursions into the painful inner lives of the characters, even as we follow them to inevitable and tragic conclusions. A most satisfying novel."
Carl Brookins

"Spending time with Peter May's charming and clever Enzo Macleod in Brittany is pure pleasure. In May's fourth installment of the Enzo Files series, the remote Ile de Groix, with its turbulent coast, rough weather, and laconic and secretive residents, tests Macleod intellectually and physically as he attempts to solve a case so cold it's frigid... the truth hidden inside the mystery of Freeze Frame is fascinating and Enzo Macleod is great fun to hang out with."

"fast-paced... The Enzo Files are a great series that is four for four."
Genre Go Round Reviews

"This mystery is rich in story development and characterization... enticing the reader to become a fan of this cerebral series.”
Enid Grabiner for RebeccasReads.com

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"A cerebral, chilling tale bound to burnish May's reputation.”
Kirkus Reviews

"May's dark, intense third mystery to feature Scottish forensic scientist Enzo Macleod... an unusually compelling ongoing saga”
Publishers Weekly

"This complicated tale weaves threads of the past into the present...
 An engrossing mystery"
Library Journal

"Another excellent story in May's series... But there is a lot more of substance in this emotional tale.
It will entertain, mystify and perplex, right up to the very end. ”
Carl Brookins

"an intricate plot that does not fail to deliver... 
keeps you guessing until its nail-biting ending”
Shine Entertainment Reviews

" there's a fascinating cold case, Enzo's lady friends and family members and their friends (all drawn with care and warts), somebody trying to kill all of the above, chases, wonderful scenery, and lots of other good stuff.  After deciding I wasn't going to like this book, I read it in one sitting...couldn't put it down.  You won't be able to resist it either.”
Kay Muther, DorothyL

"a superb cold case whodunit.”
Genre Go Round Reviews

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Enzo MacLeod is one of the most unusual crime solvers I have ever met; sort of a cross between James Bond and Inspector Clouseau.”

“What a great new book ...  Suspenseful? Oh, yes. Thrilling? Some of that too. Great characters? For sure. A really good plot? Without saying. Action? Plenty. A good book? You betcha. Don't miss it.”

"a finely crafted and surprising mystery."
Kirkus Reviews

“Oenophiles and fans of CBS’s ‘Cold Case’ will relish [The Critic]...Enzo's emotional drama with both his daughters and romantic attractions to two charming ladies, plus tidbits about wine production and the art of wine tasting, make this a full-bodied, satisfying read.”
Publishers Weekly

“This is a nice series, out of the ordinary, and May presents his protagonist warts and all!
McLeod is a delightful protagonist – stubborn, insightful, occasionally foolhardy, totally at odds in his relationships with the women in his life, and a very pleasant addition to current suspense fiction.”
Woodstock for CRIMESPREE Magazine

“Peter May has written an excellent novel with “The Critic.  He manages to successfully incorporate mystery, suspense, humor and a little romance into one great plot.”
Reader Views

“The second Enzo Macleod French cold case mystery is a superb tale that will send readers seeking his previous starring role (see EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE). Enzo is fabulous as he uses all his forensic skills seeking the motive ... a wonderful whodunit”

“The mystery is there, and the ending a shock”
Library Journal

“Enzo MacLeod is one of the most unusual crime solvers I have ever met; sort of a cross between James Bond and Inspector Clouseau.”

“The action is good, the mystery is thoughtful... thoroughly enjoyable... Plenty of winemaking information and lore adds local color and atmosphere making The Critic a sure to please mystery for everyone.  ”
The Mystery Reader

"Rich with the traditions of this Southern France winemaking region, this is a mystery with Gallic flavor to be to be savored."
Mystery Scene Magazine

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"A sharp edged tale woven with the intricacy of a spider's web.  Intelligent, involved, and ingenious"
Steve Berry

"Read an astoundingly good book the other day. Just outstanding.
...As much an examination of French intellectual culture as a thrilling and tension-filled mystery, the novel is filled with multi-dimensional flawed individuals.  The author's examination of society and the human condition is fascinating and enthralling.  The conclusion is as exciting and entertaining as one could ask for.  A dynamite novel and a fine beginning to what promises to be an outstanding crime fiction series."
Carl Brookins

“Intelligent, ever-moving and beautifully written, it is the best book I have read this year.  I highly recommend it!!”
Barbara Douglas, Murder By The Book.

"excellent reading...
Peter May has created not only a fast paced, cerebral mystery that keeps you guessing right down to the final pages, but he has also introduced a very likeable protagonist in Enzo Macleod.
The first in what promises to be an extraordinary mystery series, you'll want to get in on the ground floor and become acquainted with Macleod at the getgo!"

"I Love A Mystery" Newsletter

"This is possibly the best crafted mystery we’ve reviewed in 2006.
It’s all there: clues, red herrings, fractured relationships, dangerous romances, and much more.
We rated this excellent mystery a max five hearts."


 "...an excellent novel that will keep you in suspense all the way ... Hopefully Peter May will follow-up this book with future adventures of Enzo MacLeod."
Patricia Reid, BooksNBytes.com

"Peter May's "Extraordinary People" is an extraordinary novel ... Action escalates at every turn and becomes breathtaking at the denouement."
Mary Ann Smyth, Bookloons

"brisk and thrilling ...  the layers of complexity bode well for future installments."
The Baltimore Sun

May paces his tale of a burst-open cold case with teasingly professional precision"

DIBS - early buzz on upcoming books

"Lots of twists and turns. Fast-paced. Lots of energy throughout the book."
Ollie’s World of Books

"the intriguing first book in a series of thrillers set in modern France by talented author Peter May ... The presumed premise for this series, celebrated unsolved murders, is a captivating one"
Hidden Staircase, Mystery Books

"This taughtly written thriller moves from the catacombs under Paris through the countryside surrounding this great city.  I found it hard to put down."
Linda Walonen, Bay Books, San Ramon CA

"Twists, turns and a whirl wind tour of France ... smart and engaging ... Peter May does a wonderful job ... This is an intelligent story that every mystery fan should read."
Sondra Fowler for ReaderViews.com

"As a fan of forensics, this reader finds the interpretation of the clues a highlight to the high-paced adventure."
Jen Oliver for MyShelf.com

"The climax is a fabulous finale that will leave readers clamoring for more inquiries by the Professor and his team."
Harriet Klausner, Midwest Book Review

"a suspenseful engrossing read, and well worth the time to join the chase"
Woodstock, writing for CrimeSpree Magazine

"a fun and fascinating book"
The San Jose Mercury News

"action-packed second half and rather thrilling denouement in the catacombs of Paris"
Entertainment Weekly

"this travelogue–cum–murder mystery makes for a fun puzzle"

Publisher's Weekly

"a thoroughly engaging puzzle mystery"
Library Journal

"May provides abundant local color and writes with measured authority. The results are as engaging as they are cerebral."
Kirkus Reviews

"I read THE FIREMAKER and loved it.  I'm also reading an ARC of EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE from Poison Pen Press and find it very hard to put down!!"

Deb Andolino, Aliens & Alibis Books, Columbia, SC  29209

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