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modelling and acting for kidsModelling and Acting for Kids
- a step-by-step guide to the child modelling and acting business

"A veritable bible for the Mrs Worthington"
Gavin Docherty, The Express

Thousands of children the world over
- from tiny babies to teenagers -
are employed as models or actors.
Many of them earn more in one day
than their parents earn in a week


  • How difficult is it to get work as a child model or actor?
  • What do advertisers and film directors look for?
  • What are the problems?
  • What are the rewards?
Janice Hally's step-by-step guide to the business of
child acting and modelling
is a textbook for those in the industry
as well as a guide for hopefuls trying to get a break


Packed with:

  • details of how the advertising and entertainment industry works
  • expert advice from agents, photographers, directors, casting agencies
  • real stories and experiences from models, ex-models and their parents
  • behind-the-scenes secrets and tips for success 
 Modelling and Acting for Kids
- a step-by-step guide success
published by A&C Black


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The Working Kid's Kit
specially designed by Janice Hally to accompany her book
Modelling and Acting for Kids


"Janice Hally's book, Modelling & Acting for Kids
gives very useful guidelines for parents of
every aspiring star from babies to teenagers.
If Mrs Worthington had read a copy her daughter
might well have been still performing today."

John Byrne The Stage

"...if you ever decide that your Johnny/Jane should join the ever-growing pack of child stars,
then this is the book for you. 
It gives a very comprehensive guide to the entertainment
and how to get your child involved."

(SHESAID magazine online)

"Modelling & Acting for Kids takes a step by step approach
to turn your child's modelling or acting career
into a smooth and enjoyable journey for all concerned.
It includes tips on how to stay away from scams and protect your child,
and covers finding an agent, preparing for auditions,
and what to expect on photo shoots, film locations and television studios.

There is even advice on how to deal with success,
and how to tell if your child is suited for this business.

Using interviews with professionals, as well as with kids who have succeeded as models and actors,
Janice Hally, a professional scriptwriter with extensive casting experience,
guides us to make the correct choices for the well being of the child.

She has written a detailed and informative book for parents
who are considering involving their child in the world of professional modelling and acting.
It makes a good reference for kids themselves,
and for those involved with them, in the business.

At the end of each chapter, the author summarizes important points to remember,
with an in-depth checklist that you can have with you at all times.
Modelling & Acting for Kids is a must read and a must have book for kids
(and their parents) considering entering the modelling and acting world.

It's full of behind-the-scenes secrets and tips, with everything you need to know
to help your child, yourself, and those involved in the industry,
make it a stress-free and fun experience."
Reviewed by Ayesha Baumgartner http://www.bookloons.com

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