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The Killing Room

Janice has been commissioned to adapt Peter May's China Thriller The Killing Room for the big screen

HACHETTE publish "Distant Echo"

Distant EchoJanice's novella Distant Echo (June 2010) published by the French publisher Hachette in France in the English language.  It's aimed at learners of the English language, but is also an ideal length for English-speaking tourists looking for a short entertainment to see them through their train trip or flight.

  Distant Echo
French psychologist Alexandre LeLong is called upon to help American tourist Marilyn Jensen  after she is involved in a hiking accident in the Lot Valley.  Her head injuries have resulted in amnesia; however her case is not as straightforward as it seems.  On regaining consciousness she begins speaking fluent French, and the enigma deepens when the memories which return to her seem to belong to a woman who has been dead for thirty years.


Janice designed and created the website:
for USA publisher Poisoned Pen Press, hosts of PPWebCon -
the world's first virtual mystery and crime writing convention.
watch a video about it:

The movie version of Peter May's China thriller The Firemaker continues to progress slowly.

The Firemaker

Janice was commissioned to write a screenplay treatment for
a full-length feature production of The Firemaker - the first in Peter May's China Thrillers series.
The adaptation of the novel and the treatment was commissioned by French Film Production company, KUIV.

ghostwriter ink

Janice has recently been ghost-writing novels, screenplays, 'autobiographies', motivational, and 'How-To' books
and adopting a variety of unusual personas...

Suite 101

Janice Hally
Suite 101's Feature Writer for Writing for Stage and Screen
where she contributes articles on writers and writing, among other things.
Click here for listings of, and links to, her articles.

SUITE 101 The world's most comprehensive independent online magazine:
written and edited by professionals,
trusted by over ten million monthly readers.


Modelling and Acting for Kids

a step-by-step guide to the
child modelling and acting business

Set to become a handbook for young hopefuls entering the world of advertising and entertainment,  Janice Hally's Modelling and Acting for Kids combines an easy to follow, step-by-step approach to building a career, with expert advice from professionals revealing behind-the-scenes secrets and tips for success.

Modelling & Acting for Kids

"...a must read and a must have book for kids
(and their parents) considering entering the modelling and acting world."
Ayesha Baumgartner http://www.bookloons.com

"Janice Hally's book, Modelling & Acting for Kids gives very useful guidelines for parents of every aspiring star from babies to teenagers. If Mrs Worthington had read a copy her daughter might well have been still performing today."
John Byrne The Stage

"A veritable bible for the Mrs Worthington."
Gavin Docherty, The Express

"...if you ever decide that your Johnny/Jane should join the ever-growing pack of child stars, then this is the book for you.  It gives a very comprehensive guide to the entertainment industry and how to get your child involved."
SheSaid Magazine

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Click here to find out more about Janice Hally's Guide to Child Modelling and Acting

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Peter May and Janice Hally's
Creative Writing Courses in France

Janice Hally and her husband, best-selling author Peter May, offer occasional Creative Writing Courses in France. 

Since their first Course in 2002, word has spread via the internet about the successful formula of their "Kick Start Your Project" concept.  Writers have travelled to France from all over mainland Europe, the UK and Ireland, the United States, Canada and the Far East and Australia.

The growing success of Peter's books combined with his punishing schedule of book tours and writing, mean that the courses are offered very rarely these days.

Click here to find out more about Peter May and Janice Hally's 7-day residential Writing Courses in France
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