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Modelling & Acting for Kids

"Janice Hally's book, Modelling & Acting for Kids ... gives very useful guidelines for parents of every aspiring star from babies to teenagers.
If Mrs Worthington had read a copy her daughter might well have been still performing today."
(John Byrne, The Stage)

"a veritable bible for the Mrs Worthington"
(Gavin Docherty, The Express)

"...a must read and a must have book for kids (and their parents) considering entering the modelling and acting world."
(Ayesha Baumgartner, http://www.bookloons.com

"...if you ever decide that your Johnny/Jane should join the ever-growing pack of child stars, then this is the book for you.  It gives a very comprehensive guide to the entertainment
industry and how to get your child involved."
(SHESAID magazine online)

Looking for The Zee

"...hilarious and heartbreaking!"
Linda Bailey
"A great story, superb dialogue that had me laughing out loud!"
Alanna Knight
"Janice Hally's script-writing background proved impeccable credentials for this relationship comedy which fairly keeps truckin' along on whether Julia and Drew will go the distance. She shows a gift for slicing through the daffy bravado of emotionally bottled up men and makes a highly entertaining meal out of one woman's search for new happiness."
Gavin Docherty

D'You get Paid for Doing This

"surely one of the best sustained drama offerings which have come out of Cowcaddens."
Colin McGill, Evening Times.

Ladies First

" there are some writers who can hit it off perfectly Janice Hally has done it before and last night she did it again."
Helen Graham, The Herald.

Ready or Not

"Janice Hally has all the wit, flair and tenacity required I like the way she turns a phrase and twists a knife."
Tom Kinninmont, The Sunday Standard.


"...quite simply the best thing to have happened to television in Scotland for a long time."

"A credit to the company (Scottish Television) and a smack in the face to those of us who were doubtful"
"It is well written, captures the essential atmosphere of the Hebrides."
"The characters are real and recognisable, and they are dealing with real and recognisable themes - land ownership returning exiles youthful impatience with island customs - all of which were deftly interwoven in the first episode"
Kenneth Roy, TV Critic, Scotland on Sunday
"Its writers are the seasoned Peter May and Janice Hally. In these hands, Machair opened with one of life's fundamental rites of passage - a funeral - and moved briskly into conflict. By the end of episode one, love, greed, power and lust - the four horsemen of soap opera - were also edging their way into the script"
Julie Davidson, TV Editor, The Herald
"Telling good tales is the secret of soap in any language"
"The feel is that of a character-driven soap with strong, and involving, storylines"
Tom Lappin, Sunday Times
"After two episodes I want to see more"
"Machair has already hooked me into its characters and stories"
"The characters and their backgrounds have been carefully thought out"
Dorothy Hobson
Writer and Media Research Consultant

"Most viewers hooked after episode one"
Results of viewers' poll, West Highland Free Press
"Well worth following"
TV Review, Sunday Mail
"Glayva this show certainly is, and I'll watch it again"
(Glayva is Gaelic for "very good")
Ian Black, TV Critic, The Herald
"Already the characters are in place, the battle lines drawn and the enigmas hinted at the story is being built up, as ever, layer upon layer"
Anthony Troon, TV Critic, The Scotsman
"I wrote warmly of Machair when it first started. Now I must revise my opinion. It is even better than it looked at first glance quite simply the best thing to have happened to television in Scotland for a long time."
Kenneth Roy, TV Critic, Scotland on Sunday

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