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Looking for the Zee
(published by Miramont Media, USA)

"...hilarious and heartbreaking!"
Linda Bailey

"A great story, superb dialogue that had me laughing out loud!"
Alanna Knight,

"Janice Hally's script-writing background proved impeccable credentials for this relationship comedy which fairly keeps truckin' along on whether Julia and Drew will go the distance. She shows a gift for slicing through the daffy bravado of emotionally bottled up men and makes a highly entertaining meal out of one woman's search for new happiness."
Gavin Docherty

Looking for the Zee

- a love affair complicated by
falsehoods, fantasies, folly
... and a common language.

An American doctor and a British writer
locked together in a French farce
that will break your heart.

Julia is on the run from a ruined marriage.
Drew is in search of the life that has passed him by.

The last thing they expect to find
in a remote corner of rural France is each other.

It is hate at first sight,
a clash of transatlantic cultures,
a fiery feud of opposites.

But as Julia realises that the same problems await
at the end of her journey,
and Drew finds that it takes talent to become
the next Ernest Hemingway,
they discover that hate and love are not so far apart.

Looking for the Zee is set in the heart of the French countryside:
where tree-lined rivers serpentine through the valleys
and stone-built villages are scattered over the lush green hills;
where farmers have stalls at the local markets to sell their produce
and still practise the arts of preserving meat and fruit in their kitchens,
as their ancestors have done for centuries.

The simplicity of the lifestyle provides
an antidote to the complications of city life.
People come to the area on holiday, year after year.
Many uproot themselves from their homes and come to stay.
But whether they come for a week, or for the rest of their lives,
they are all drawn there for one reason
- it offers a refuge from reality.

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