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the lewis trilogythe blackhouse

(#1 the lewis trilogy)

the lewis man *LATEST*
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virtually dead *LATEST*

the enzo files:

blowback  *LATEST*Blowback
(#5 the enzo files)
freeze frame
(#4 the enzo files)

blacklight blue
(#3 the enzo files)

a vintage corpse (was "the critic")
(#2 the enzo files)

dry bones (was "extraordinary people")
(#1 the enzo files)

the china thrillers:

the firemakerchinese whispers
(#1 the china thrillers)

the fourth sacrifice
(#2 the china thrillers)

the killing room
(#3 the china thrillers)

(#4 the china thrillers)

the runner
(#5 the china thrillers)

chinese whispers
(#6 the china thrillers)


the firemaker:

Reviews of UK EDITION

"The Firemaker is stunningly original, highly topical and extremely well-written...
(May's) dialogue is witty and apposite, sometimes extremely funny."
Scotland on Sunday

"A gripping thriller... the first novel to exploit the
global panic surrounding genetically modified food."
The Mirror

"An intense and fascinating journey through the city streets
and vagaries of the Chinese police system."
The Good Book Guide

"... fast-paced crime thriller ...
a hit with readers and bound to transfer to the silver screen.
(May's) foresight couldn't have been better"
The Edinburgh Evening News

"Is the book any good? The answer is a very solid yes.
it's engaging, topical... and certainly qualifies Peter May as a name to watch."

"East and West come together in this gripping tale."
Newcastle Evening Chronicle.

"positively hums with authentic detail...Beijing is almost a living breathing character"
Books at

Reviews of US
                        Firemaker US EDITION

"It's always a great pleasure to find yourself
in the hands of someone who tells a cracking good story.
Peter May has penned both an excellent thriller
and a fascinating study of cultures in collision.
I loved the details of modern China
embedded like exotic gems in the story.
This is a book I highly recommend."
William Kent Krueger

“British TV writer May's frightening premise
powers a tale that satisfies as
a mystery, a romantic adventure and a
fascinating look at the new China.”
Kirkus Reviews

“It's a pleasure to be introduced to these two investigators,
and readers will eagerly await the publication of further installments in the series.”
American Library Association

“a truly riveting book"
Romantic Times
1/2 STARS "TOP PICK" Dec 2005)

"Peter May is a fine writer.
The strength of this particular series is
the detailed descriptions of the exotic locale and
the vividly rendered characterizations.
The plot is clever and easily sustains the suspense
until the unexpectedly exciting climax.
Peter May is highly regarded both in Britain and in China.
He deserves to be well known here as well.
Highly recommended.”
Larry Gandle, Deadly Pleasures Magazine

"A little romance, a dose of grit, a good deal of violence
and a liberal helping of conspiracy make
this author's work worthwhile page-turners.”
January Magazine
(winner of 2005 Gumshoe Award for Best Crime Fiction Web Site)

“This is the first book by May that I’ve read and I was
mightily impressed with this atmospheric thriller.”
Bookaholic for the Mystery Addict

“...this is definitely a book you shouldn't miss.
There are five more books in this series
that have been published in the UK.
We can sincerely hope for an accelerated release
schedule in the U.S. to get us quickly caught up
with this wonderful author.”
Armchair Interviews

“May is most convincing in his vivid depiction
of a dynamic China recovering from the damage
of the Cultural Revolution.”
Publishers Weekly

"For fans of police procedurals and thrillers
this book has it all." 
Reviewing The Evidence

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the fourth sacrifice:

Reviews of the UK EDITION

"pulse-pounding prose... a masterwork of sheer momentum"
The Herald

Selected as one of the "best british novels of the year 2000"
by Deadly Pleasures (The Anthony Award Winning Mystery Magazine)

"you won't want to put this down"
Newcastle Evening Chronicle

"an impressive and ingenious second novel"

"super sleuthing in modern-day China... (May) has extensively researched his novels and gets right under the skin of his subject every time."
Good Book Guide

"(May has)a first rate knowledge of Chinese police and criminals"

"exotic and fascinating"
Scotland on Sunday

"...both romance and thriller... his jealousy and her acid tongue make for entertaining reading."
"China and the city of Beijing are depicted extremely well and the horrors and tragic legacy of the Cultural revolution are made poignantly clear."
Manchester Evening News

"fascinating subplots that add real depth to an already complex story"
"May successfully blends a riveting historical story, a strong sense of place and a romance without sacrificing pace and tension...with enough gory forensic detail to keep the most bloodthirsty reader happy"
Books at

"Deft and informative"
"fascinatingly detailed and well-researched"
"May's plotting is impeccable,"
"scene-setting is a delight"
Highland News

Reviews of the Fourth Sacrifice US EDITION

Library Journal - STARRED REVIEW

"May exposes Beijing's dirty charm in a country grappling with modernity. The fast-paced second half is strongest, but the love-hate tension of the romance captivates throughout."
"Entertainment Weekly"

"an electrifying mixture of mystery, romance and history."

"vivid picture of a chaotic, vital modern-day China ...
a fascinating backdrop of the cultural divide between China and America"
Publishers Weekly

"While the mystery is grisly and intriguing, it's the relationship between the two leads that elevates the book above many others in the genre. ...
The author could have gone for the slick, familiar fish-out-of-water story, but by choosing a subtler approach, he rewards us with a far deeper, far more satisfying story."

"an excellent Chinese police procedural starring a strong American protagonist and a powerful support cast"

"an excellent Chinese police procedural starring a strong American protagonist and a powerful support cast. The story line is fast-paced yet enables the reader to understand the emotions especially of the heroine and the cop, who return from the terrific FIREMAKER tale. However, the star of this exciting thriller is China as Peter May brings to life the rich heritage and present of a wide awake giant."
Genre Go Round Reviews

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the killing room:
Reviews of the UK Edition

Selected as one of the 'best original titles in hardback' for December 2000.
The Bookseller

"May is described as 'Cruz Smith meets Cornwell' and it won't take many pages of his latest - The Killing Room - to find out why ... Raw, like sushi, and recommended."
The Publishing News

"The plot is chilling and ingenious"
Scotland on Sunday

"A highly professional page turner"
Books Magazine

"a gripping page-turner that combines edge-of-the-seat suspense with a fascinating picture of modern China"
"as gruesomely detailed as anything Patricia Cornwell or Kathy Reichs describe"
Irish Independent

"May knows how to tell a story and keep his audience guessing"
Glasgow Evening Times

"If you want a good quotient of blood and gore, and an informed and balanced view of modern China...then I highly recommend this book."
Tangled Web

"(Peter May) delivers another pacy, page turning experience that will keep you up at night racing through"
"It'll have you checking out travel sites for cheap tickets to Shanghai"
Books at

"It's a book that gathers momentum. It draws you in and of course I ended up doing that thing of sitting through till quarter to two in the morning because eventually I couldn't put it down!"
"I most certainly would recommend it... definitely worth reading... very visual... strong characters... a fantastic story with a really brilliant ending... and human interest. All the right ingredients..."
Cover Story, Radio Scotland

"May is... making a welcome return... (for) anyone who appreciates a good read and likes to pit their wits against skilled thriller writers."
Newcastle Journal

"Part police procedural, part action thriller, The Killing Room is a perfect remedy for whatever doldrums you may be in."
Deadly Pleasures (The Anthony Award Winning Mystery Magazine)

"a fascinating series, although this book, with it's detailed autopsy of the dismembered victims, is not for those with weak stomachs."
Sunday Telegraph

"Peter May opens a window on a vision of the modern Chinese political climate... a tremendous collision of cultures."
The Herald

"Keeps a cracking pace throughout."
"Seat edging suspense... that will keep you turning the pages as fast as any North American serial killer chiller"
What's On, Birmingham

Reviews of the Killing Room
                    US edition US Edition

"Suspenseful plot twists and turns, the beautifully depicted Chinese culture, and the unresolved relationship of Li and Campbell make this an essential read. While there are other mysteries using modern China as a setting, none is as provocative as May's series... Highly recommended for all mystery collections."
Library Journal (starred review)

"In May’s rewarding third mystery to feature American pathologist Margaret Campbell and Chinese deputy section chief Li Yan... Campbell coaxes the identities of four of the women from their body fragments, and each is a poignant yet apparently unrelated story."
Publishers' Weekly

"The Killing Room is a provocative, stomach-churning, suspense-filled forensic thriller that enhances Peter May's growing reputation as a skilled storyteller who knows how to serve up vivid narratives, romantic adventures, compelling characterizations, riveting plots, and intriguing views of modern-day China. The Killing Room is highly recommended."

"Interdepartmental politics and Party member interference add realism and complexity to the intricate plot. But just as riveting is the triangle between Inspector Li, the rather abrasive Margaret, and sexy Shanghai cop Mei-Ling...  The Killing Room is a brisk, solidly plotted police procedural, with lots of gritty forensic details."
Mystery Scene Magazine

"Against this atmospheric backdrop, May creates a fast-paced crime story that transitions smoothly between the police investigation and the characters’ personal lives...  A highly enjoyable read that should not be missed"
New Mystery Reader Magazine

"This excellent Chinese police procedural will please fans of that sub-genre immensely as this is a top rate whodunit...The story line is action-packed and the triangle cleverly developed to allow the reader to understand the motivations including personal demons of the investigating team."
Genre Go Round

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Named as one of "The Best British Novels of 2002" by
Deadly Pleasures
(The Anthony Award Winning Mystery Magazine)

"An excellent thriller."
Kirkus Reviews

"The plot twists and turns like the tail of a Chinese dragon. A cracking good read... Highly recommended"
Shots Magazine

"Well-researched ... touches on real fears"
The Guardian

'An absolutely mind-blowing thriller and gripping... fascinating and compelling ... Brilliant.'
(naming SNAKEHEAD Crime book of the Month for April 2002)

"the fourth of his excellent China novels... It's a spell-binding and frighteningly realistic tale."
Aberdeen Evening Express

'fast, exciting... highly topical and entertaining read that will also give food for thought."
The Irish Times

"May's portrait of the country (China) and its people has made his books intriguing."
"the investigation is absorbing, and the outcome quite a satisfactory (though scrupulously trailed) surprise"
The Scotsman

(May's novels are) "...part police procedural and part thriller and they succeed wonderfully on both levels...I have enjoyed all of the books in the series and consider SNAKEHEAD the best of the bunch"
Deadly Pleasures (The Anthony Award Winning Mystery Magazine)

"May once again taps into an absolutely current issue - bio terrorism"
Highland News

"Plotted as ingeniously as ever"
North Star

"adrenalin-pumping... with a special final twist"
Lochaber News

"A fast-moving, well-written book that is difficult to put down"
Coventry Evening Telegraph

"the chilling storyline could happen in real life"
Nuneaton Evening Telegraph

"a tight plot that gets more horrifying as the pages turn... too good to miss."

"Whether it is France (home of the Macleod investigative thrillers (see EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE, THE CRITIC and BLACKLIGHT BLUE), China or the United States, Peter May always provides readers with an excellent mystery."
Genre Go Round Reviews

"The pace is fast, the writing always to the point, the characters are genuine in
their language and their emotions, and most worrisome of all, the science is real.
This is a novel with the potential to scare the pants off you.  It's timely,
international in scope, a whirlwind of a thriller."
Carl Brookins (Author of THE SUPERIOR MYSTERIES)

"absolutely riveting"

"an exciting, medical mystery that had me captured from the first page."
Mysterious Reviews

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the runner:

"... a tense and atmospheric thriller with a heart-stopping ending"
Tangled Web

"The characters here are vivid and contrasting, and they grow and develop in a way usually only found in literary novels, and the plotting and evocation of atmosphere as professional as they come. An excellent series."
Kirkus Reviews

"another good mystery from Peter May...
an enjoyable read with a graphic portrayal of Beijing in winter"
Sunday Telegraph

"the most exciting thriller I've read in a very long time ... absolutely unputdownable ... a fiendishly clever plot ... Great, great story!"
Alanna Knight
(The Times '100 Masters of Crime')

"five out of five stars... The conclusion kept me guessing until the very end, and I was wrong about who Li should and should not trust.   So, if you love a good mystery set in a foreign country, then The Runner is for you!"
Mysterious Reviews
"an absorbing and well informed account of Beijing life today and the inside workings of the Chinese police...
Far from a dim sum, this fare turns out quite piquant
Russell James,
Crime Time Magazine

" A fluid plot, rounded characters, and deft handling of two very different cultures make this a winner.
Publishers Weekly

"Peter May has once more found a new angle on this intriguing series"
Mark Campbell,
Crime Time Magazine

"enemies come from some unexpected sources in this thriller where surprises are everywhere"
Highland News Group

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chinese whispers:

listed by Deadly Pleasures as one of the
"Best British Crime Novels 2004"

"beautifully written and very evocative"
(Tangled Web)
"an accomplished pulse-racer of a novel"
"This book is much more than just a run of the mill whodunit, think Silence Of The Lambs crossed with Quincy, with a bit of the Lonely Planet's Guide to Beijing thrown in."
(Daily Record)

"entertaining reading, with a fascinating setting and an appealing sleuth"
(The Daily Telegraph)
"Truly the best of May's series so far, this is not to be missed."
(The Good Book Guide)

"The tough, outspoken Li Yan and his fiery American lover Margaret Campbell, a pathologist, are in snorting form in what ranks as the best of May's thriller series so far."
Kirkus Reviews

""fine sixth entry in his contemporary China series" ... "May nicely handles the business of using mental fingerprints to identify the criminal"
Publishers Weekly

"As ever, Peter May's plot is compelling"
(Highland News Group)

"a riveting mystery; it kept me in suspense until the end"
Mysterious Reviews

"A major appeal of the series is the Chinese setting and May doesn't disappoint... a master at evoking the city."
(INK magazine)

"without doubt an absolutely brilliant thriller
which keeps you hooked throughout.
One of those rare unmissable reads
which are both spine-chilling and terrifying,
you won't want to put it down until the final full-stop!
Grizzly and gruesome, it is wonderfully written
so you cannot help but cheer on the leading character"
(The Standard)

"intriguing and convincing"
(Irish News)

"intelligently written ... crafted with confident knowledge of the Chinese police system ... Well-researched and superbly handled, the unfolding plot is ingenious."
(Aberdeen Press and Journal)

"Peter May's latest crime thriller is a terrifying piece of writing ... What a maginificent, horrible, tortuous, and lurid story!"
(The Chronicle)

"May is a fine writer in the thriller genre... I throughly enjoyed CHINESE WHISPERS."
(NZSA Review, New Zealand)

"An absorbing plot, an atmospheric portrayal of Beijing both old and new, and a fear that just grows and grows."
(The Northern Echo)

"a tightly woven plot"
Library Journal

"As soon as I'd taken in the first few pages, I wanted to read the five earlier books (beginning with The Firemaker) in this police procedural series set in modern Beijing.

There's a surprising resolution and a crescendo of a conclusion, all of which made me want to read more about this unusual couple.
(Bookloons Reviews)

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'...quite simply the best thing to have happened to television in Scotland for a long time.'
Scotland on Sunday

'A credit to the company (Scottish Television) and a smack in the face to those of us who were doubtful'
'It is well written, captures the essential atmosphere of the Hebrides.'
'The characters are real and recognisable, and they are dealing with real and recognisable themes - land ownership, returning exiles, youthful impatience with island customs - all of which were deftly interwoven in the first episode'
Kenneth Roy, Scotland on Sunday

'Its writers are the seasoned Peter May and Janice Hally. In these hands, Machair opened with one of life's fundamental rites of passage - a funeral - and moved briskly into conflict. By the end of episode one, love, greed, power and lust - the four horsemen of soap opera - were also edging their way into the script'
Julie Davidson, TV Editor, The Herald

'Telling good tales is the secret of soap in any language'
'The feel is that of a character-driven soap with strong, and involving, storylines'
Tom Lappin, Sunday Times

'After two episodes I want to see more'
'Machair has already hooked me into its characters and stories'
'The characters and their backgrounds have been carefully thought out'
Dorothy Hobson, Media Research Consultant

'the writing was impressive, with several intriguing storylines'
Torcuil Crichton, West Highland Free Press

'Most viewers hooked after episode one'
Viewers' Poll, West Highland Free Press

'Well worth following'
Sunday Mail

'Glayva this show certainly is, and I'll watch it again!'
(Glayva is Gaelic for 'very good')
Ian Black, TV Critic, The Herald

'Already the characters are in place, the battle lines drawn and the enigmas hinted at - the story is being built up, as ever, layer upon layer'
Anthony Troon, TV Critic, The Scotsman

'I wrote warmly of Machair when it first started. Now I must revise my opinion. It is even better than it looked at first glance - quite simply the best thing to have happened to television in Scotland for a long time.'
Kenneth Roy, TV Critic, Scotland on Sunday

click here to find out more about "machair"
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"A sharp edged tale woven with the intricacy of a spider's web.  Intelligent, involved, and ingenious"

"Read an astoundingly good book the other day. Just outstanding.
...As much an examination of French intellectual culture as a thrilling and tension-filled mystery, the novel is filled with multi-dimensional flawed individuals.  The author's examination of society and the human condition is fascinating and enthralling.  The conclusion is as exciting and entertaining as one could ask for.  A dynamite novel and a fine beginning to what promises to be an outstanding crime fiction series."

“Intelligent, ever-moving and beautifully written, it is the best book I have read this year.  I highly recommend it!!”
Barbara Douglas, Murder By The Book.

"excellent reading...
Peter May has created not only a fast paced, cerebral mystery that keeps you guessing right down to the final pages, but he has also introduced a very likeable protagonist in Enzo Macleod.
The first in what promises to be an extraordinary mystery series, you'll want to get in on the ground floor and become acquainted with Macleod at the getgo!"

"I Love A Mystery" Newsletter

"This is possibly the best crafted mystery we’ve reviewed in 2006. It’s all there: clues, red herrings, fractured relationships, dangerous romances, and much more. We rated this excellent mystery a max five hearts."

 " excellent novel that will keep you in suspense all the way ... Hopefully Peter May will follow-up this book with future adventures of Enzo MacLeod."
Patricia Reid,

"Peter May's "Extraordinary People" is an extraordinary novel ... Action escalates at every turn and becomes breathtaking at the denouement."
Mary Ann Smyth, Bookloons

"brisk and thrilling ...  the layers of complexity bode well for future installments."
The Baltimore Sun

"May paces his tale of a burst-open cold case with teasingly professional precision"

"Lots of twists and turns. Fast-paced. Lots of energy throughout the book."
Ollie’s world of books

"the intriguing first book in a series of thrillers set in modern France by talented author Peter May ... The presumed premise for this series, celebrated unsolved murders, is a captivating one"
Hidden Staircase Mystery Books

"This taughtly written thriller moves from the catacombs under Paris through the countryside surrounding this great city.  I found it hard to put down."
Linda Walonen, Bay Books, San Ramon CA

"Twists, turns and a whirl wind tour of France ... smart and engaging ... Peter May does a wonderful job ... This is an intelligent story that every mystery fan should read."
Sondra Fowler for

"As a fan of forensics, this reader finds the interpretation of the clues a highlight to the high-paced adventure."
Jen Oliver for

"The climax is a fabulous finale that will leave readers clamoring for more inquiries by the Professor and his team."
Harriet Klausner, Midwest Book Review

"a suspenseful engrossing read, and well worth the time to join the chase"
Woodstock, writing for CrimeSpree Magazine

"a fun and fascinating book"
The San Jose Mercury News

"action-packed second half and rather thrilling denouement in the catacombs of Paris"
Entertainment Weekly

"this travelogue–cum–murder mystery makes for a fun puzzle"
Publisher's Weekly

"a thoroughly engaging puzzle mystery"
Library Journal

"May provides abundant local color and writes with measured authority. The results are as engaging as they are cerebral."
Kirkus Reviews

"I read THE FIREMAKER and loved it.  I'm also reading an ARC of EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE from Poison Pen Press and find it very hard to put down!!"
Deb Andolino, Aliens & Alibis

visit the website of the book's here, Enzo Macleod at:

To buy "Extraordinary People"

US readers click here for

UK readers click here for

“Enzo MacLeod is one of the most unusual crime solvers I have ever met; sort of a cross between James Bond and Inspector Clouseau.”

"a finely crafted and surprising mystery."
Kirkus Reviews

“Oenophiles and fans of CBS’s ‘Cold Case’ will relish [The Critic]... Enzo's emotional drama with both his daughters and romantic attractions to two charming ladies, plus tidbits about wine production and the art of wine tasting, make this a full-bodied, satisfying read.”
Publishers Weekly

“This is a nice series, out of the ordinary, and May presents his protagonist warts and all! ... McLeod is a delightful protagonist – stubborn, insightful, occasionally foolhardy, totally at odds in his relationships with the women in his life, and a very pleasant addition to current suspense fiction.” 
CrimeSpree Magazine

“Peter May has written an excellent novel with “The Critic”.  He manages to successfully incorporate mystery, suspense, humor and a little romance into one great plot.” 
Reader Views

“a superb tale that will send readers seeking [Enzo’s] previous starring role (see EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE). Enzo is fabulous as he uses all his forensic skills seeking the motive ... a wonderful whodunit”

“The mystery is there, and the ending a shock”
Library Journal

“The characters are richly drawn, and Enzo in particular is a wonderful protagonist.”
Mystery Books Review

“What a great new book ...  Suspenseful? Oh, yes. Thrilling? Some of that too. Great characters? For sure. A really good plot? Without saying. Action? Plenty. A good book? You betcha. Don't miss it.”

“The action is good, the mystery is thoughtful... thoroughly enjoyable... Plenty of winemaking information and lore adds local color and atmosphere making The Critic a sure to please mystery for everyone.”
The Mystery Reader

"Rich with the traditions of this Southern France winemaking region, this is a mystery with Gallic flavor to be to be savored."
Mystery Scene Magazine

visit the website of the book's here, Enzo Macleod at:

To buy "The Critic"

US readers click here for

UK readers click here for


Blacklight Blue

"A cerebral, chilling tale bound to burnish May's reputation.”
Kirkus Reviews

"May's dark, intense third mystery to feature Scottish forensic scientist Enzo Macleod... an unusually compelling ongoing saga”
Publishers Weekly

"This complicated tale weaves threads of the past into the present...
 An engrossing mystery"
Library Journal

"Another excellent story in May's series... But there is a lot more of substance in this emotional tale.
It will entertain, mystify and perplex, right up to the very end.”
Carl Brookins

"an intricate plot that does not fail to deliver...
keeps you guessing until its nail-biting ending”
Shine Entertainment Reviews

"there's a fascinating cold case, Enzo's lady friends and family members and their friends (all drawn with care and warts), somebody trying to kill all of the above, chases, wonderful scenery, and lots of other good stuff.  After deciding I wasn't going to like this book, I read it in one sitting...couldn't put it down.  You won't be able to resist it either.”
Kay Muther, DorothyL

"a superb cold case whodunit.”
Genre Go Round Reviews

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"The author of the much acclaimed "China Thrillers" surpasses himself here in misdirection, placing clues in plain sight and leaving the reader anticipating the fifth entry in this outstanding series."
Library Journal

"May’s excellent fourth Enzo McLeod mystery... With its intricate plot, compelling characters, and bombshell denouement, this unsettling Enzo Files installment is a must-read."
Publishers Weekly

"The formula is a neat one, going back to the golden age of detective fiction... Although May obviously (and justifiably) prides himself on his grasp of the plot mechanics, something must be said for his vivid settings, which remove the story from the library and send it out into the wide, wide world." 
New York Times

Named "One of the Best Mysteries of 2010"
by Omnimystery News
  Mysterious Reviews
"outstanding" "I rated the first book in the series, Extraordinary People among the best I read in 2006, but I think this entry may be better."
"an outstanding mystery, coupling the best aspects of a whodunit with those of a investigative procedural"
"The puzzle is intricate, the investigation and observational deductive reasoning by Enzo flawless."
Mysterious Reviews

"We are in the presence of a writer in complete control of his subject and his characters, and not just at the level of day to day activity. This is a truly multi-level work with thoughtful excursions into the painful inner lives of the characters, even as we follow them to inevitable and tragic conclusions. A most satisfying novel."
Carl Brookins

"Spending time with Peter May's charming and clever Enzo Macleod in Brittany is pure pleasure. In May's fourth installment of the Enzo Files series, the remote Ile de Groix, with its turbulent coast, rough weather, and laconic and secretive residents, tests Macleod intellectually and physically as he attempts to solve a case so cold it's frigid... the truth hidden inside the mystery of Freeze Frame is fascinating and Enzo Macleod is great fun to hang out with."

"fast-paced... The Enzo Files are a great series that is four for four."
Genre Go Round Reviews

"This mystery is rich in story development and characterization... enticing the reader to become a fan of this cerebral series.”
Enid Grabiner for

"Peter May knows how to make his characters come alive and how to make us see the setting... Everyone appears well delineated and in a few words we see part of their lives."
Reviewing the Evidence

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virtually dead

"May keeps the reader guessing while also providing an intriguing glimpse into the pleasures and pitfalls of SL.”
Publishers Weekly

"Peter May provides a fascinating exciting thriller; if you have not read this author you are missing one of the best."
Genre Go Round Reviews

"I am not a fan of virtual reality. Just not my cup of tea. But I have to admit, I was reeled into the other world out there and thoroughly enjoyed Virtually Dead. But then, I always enjoy Peter May's books. Never been disappointed yet."

"well written.. the transition from SL to RL is very smooth. The author is very descriptive and portrays the virtual world accurately... If you like a good thriller this is the book for you. Check out the great trailer."
Books R Us

"an interesting premise for a murder mystery and even those readers unfamiliar with Second Life (or any other kind of virtual reality) will likely find Virtually Dead to be quite enjoyable."
Mysterious Reviews

"May (The Enzo Files) keeps a firm hand as Virtually Dead alternates between Michael’s real-life struggles and his avatar’s fantasy life. The plot moves briskly with surprise twists and a believable conclusion. May not only makes Michael a sympathetic, likable character, but also imbues Chas with a solid personality and a fearlessness that makes him a true hero. Online you can be whoever or whatever you want to be as May believably shows."
Mystery Scene Magazine

"May expertly moves from one world to the other without losing the reader in all the twists and turns. A very well written mystery. Five out of five stars."
CC Chronicles

"an excellent, suspenseful plot that includes many twists and turns that keep readers on the edge of their seats throughout most of the book."
DelGal Reviews

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"May's flair for narrative, characterization and evocative descriptions of various locales and historic tidbits ... fresh and delightfully readable — catnip for armchair sleuths."

  "Caught up in the various threads, readers are lulled into a false sense of knowing where the tale is heading until May pulls the rug out from under them."
Library Journal

"...[leaves] the reader anticipating the fifth entry in this outstanding series"
Library Journal
(review of Audio Version)

"Peter May is one of the best mystery writers on the market today"
The Mystery Gazette

"As we have come to expect from these stories, the plot has its share of twists, love connections and dangerous encounters, all of which keep the reader eagerly turning the pages (hence my single-sitting completion)...
mouth-watering descriptions ... an insider’s peak into the melodrama, creativity and hard work involved in earning and maintaining 3 Michelin stars

...another solid whodunit that is both well-conceived and creatively told"

"this detective mystery will please a wide-range of lovers of suspense novels. Enzo is a dynamic character dealing with not only the cold case, but also some very personal issues in his life. And he does it with great style. Enjoy!"
Fresh Fiction

"Peter May has done it again!! (...) This book is well plotted and beautifully written. Peter May has a series that is a winner!"
Janie's Reads

"excellent writing and excellent story ... mouth watering descriptions of food and wine"
Mysteries Etc

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"A thriller with an intensity that never slackens,
chilling and igneous at the same time,
like the great country that serves as its setting.
 A masterpiece indeed."
L'Humanité(The French daily newspaper)
(read a translation of the full article)

"His [the hero’s] gradual enlightenment is conveyed with subtle, tragic conviction …. melancholy … brilliant"
The Literary Review

"[May's] finest work... an impeccably written murder thriller"
Daily Express

"A chilling setting for a gripping novel... impressive writing"
The Times

(read the full review)

"Just when we think we’ve seen it all, along comes Peter May’s Blackhouse to remind us that terms like unique and cutting edge still belong in the crime novel lexicon.
In addition to being a great story, this book is probably like nothing you have read before."
The Big Thrill
(read the full article)

"Award-winning Glasgow-born author Peter May is no stranger to the Isle of Lewis,
and it shows in every thrilling chapter of this bleak, wild, atmospheric novel.
400 pages of pitch-perfect dialogue and creepy, spine-tingling storytelling."
The Scotsman
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"While The Blackhouse contains many feature-filled pages, life-changing events and revelations of major consequence, they are beautifully played here, orchestrated by a writer in full command of his material, perfectly judged and paced, and so the whole story is utterly compelling and it carries the reader to the very last word.
This book shows how the dramatic should be done."
Cornflower Books
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"This is a novel of subtlety and horror.
Award-winning author Peter May has deftly constructed a story that gets into the heart of human darkness while presenting an intriguing thriller you won’t be able to put down."
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"Peter May handles the psychological depths of the story with a deft touch and great insight."
"This is a magnificent and gripping story of murder and long held resentment that grabs the attention from the very first word."
"This is much, much more than a murder mystery, revealing the depths to which human beings are driven by passion and jealousy. Fin is a complex and attractive character plunged into an emotional whirlpool"
Crime Squad
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"a story which, remarkably in 21st century Britain, could not have worked anywhere else...
Atmosphere and character are the main things here...
Thanks to May, Lewis is firmly on Scotland’s crime map"
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"What a truly fantastic book this is!
a truly delightful feast for the soul
The nature of the story gets into your mind and won't leave you alone. It haunts you
beautifully rich vocabulary... excellent."
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"The first of three books to be set on Lewis, The Blackhouse is a good example of Peter May’s talent for sharing a place and unravelling a story that keeps you guessing as the pages fly by.
Highland News
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One of the best books (crime et al.) I've read in a very long time."

Alanna Knight
(The Times '100 Masters of Crime')

"The Blackhouse... poses as a crime novel but, like the best of its genre, is much more. May’s rich characters and his attention to detail breathe life into the story, which haunts you past the final page."
The Skinny magazine
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an outstanding thriller that is as dark and chilling as the stormy Scottish seas on a winter's night"
The Daily Record
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"May handles the plot, pace and characterization with a freshness and fluidity that make it a delight to read"
The Big Issue

"Easily May’s best work to date... his greatest success thus far as a novelist.
...a highly pleasurable mix of mystery and literary fiction"
The LitWitch

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"genuinely exciting and unexpected climax
an outstanding and unusual piece of crime fiction told by someone with a deep understanding of the setting he has placed it in"
Undiscovered Scotland Magazine

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"a dark, evocative tale (...) beautifully-observed "
The Scots Magazine
(Book of the Month June 2011)

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"A beautifully written, haunting and powerful examination of the darkness of men's souls
and how hard it can be to bury the past, The Blackhouse is also an outstanding page-turning murder mystery"
The Independent
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"Award-winning Glasgow-born author Peter May is
no stranger to the Isle of Lewis, and
it shows in every thrilling chapter of this bleak, wild, atmospheric novel."
The Sunday Journal (Ireland)
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“All the accolades are deserved.
the best book I’ve read all year
It’s an intense, psychological drama that’s all about atmosphere and character,
a book that clings to you long after you’ve put it down.
a study of tragedy, resentment and even redemption
a powerful, beautifully paced story that drips with malice.”
The Chronicle (Australia)
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the lewis
                                          man by peter may

"The strength and beauty of this book lies in the exploration of the relationships between people. The characters are beautifully drawn and so true to life."
"The plot is intricate and cleverly fitted together."
"Having previously read ‘The Blackhouse’ which I thoroughly enjoyed I was concerned the next instalment would not be so enthralling.
However, I absolutely loved this second book in the series and can safely state that May is currently unveiling a cracking series."
(read the full review)

"deeply tragic… heart-rending"
"Peter May is the [crime] genre’s fine wine; his writing is refined and complex, offering pleasure on many levels."
"The Blackhouse was an extremely good book; The Lewis Man is a superb book."
(read the full review)

"another fantastic book and every bit as excellent as The Blackhouse"
"Peter May weaves his wonderful magic and the story unfolds before you in vivid detail"
" well written that it absorbs you completely"
"Very highly recommended"
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"if anything, an even more compelling read than its predecessor"
"an outstanding example of the storyteller's art"
Undiscovered Scotland
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"story-telling at its primordial best"
"May is very clever here ... he tells a brilliant story but with the sparest of language"
"The book’s a delight: bringing people and place alive in equal measure."
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"the second novel in May's Isle of Lewis trilogy is as good as its superb predecessor"
"not only a good mystery, but also a moving and evocative portrayal of a place
where the unforgiving weather is matched only by the church's harsh patronage."
The Guardian
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"The depiction of the island atmosphere is as impressive as the action."
The Telegraph
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"The plot throbs with past and present passions, jealousies, suspicions and regrets;
the emotional secrets of the bleak island are even deeper than its peat bog."
The Times
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"like all the best crime fiction its interest is not restricted to the investigation"
"the scenes set in the orphanage in the Dean Village are moving"
"Crime novels may be primarily entertainments, but the best ones always offer something more.
Fin’s investigation of this long-buried crime forces him to make a reassessment of his own life."
The Scotsman
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"All of us who have been eagerly awaiting the sequel to that very dramatic first book
will have been wondering whether the author would pull off a second story
with the aplomb shown in the earlier one; I'm so glad to tell you that he does."
"Peter May shows his skill with an intricate plot and with the unfolding narrative"
"it's a neat tale he tells and one which will have you on the very edge of your seat"
Cornflower Books
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" How do I convey the moody sense of tragedy and heartbreak in this stunning follow-up to The Blackhouse?"
"this book made me want to cry time and again:
"Peter May has struck creative gold with the Lewis Trilogy."
I can’t wait for the final installment in this series"
The LitWitch
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"This is terrific stuff and a reminder that when a crime novelist of authority sets his sights high the results can be as persuasive as the best writing in any genre."
utterly compelling"
Fin is something special in the field of fictional policemen and The Lewis Man will have readers impatient for the third part of this trilogy."
The Express
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"May is a masterful story-teller. He skilfully combines pathos and the themes of identity, lost love and family ties to create an exciting, page-turning thriller."
The Irish Examiner
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