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Kick Start Your Project

now available
as an Eight-Stage Course
by E-mail
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Can't come to France?

Take a Course by E-mail

"Kick Start Your Project"
is now available to take by E-mail in Eight Stages



Having an idea for a story is one thing, but doing that story justice and telling it in the most effective way is the hard part. Avoid endless re-writes and give your idea the greatest chance of success by giving it the best possible start.

During the first seven stages of "Kick Start Your Project" you will...

In addition to this, our E-mail Course goes even further than our residential Courses with a final follow-up stage.

The last stage is saved until you've finished your project, when, as well as reading the finished work and giving you a critique, we'll give you as much advice as we can about the next step: marketing. We make suggestions about whom to approach and how to package that approach to them.

It's a commitment not only to get you started, but to stick with you until you finish, too. You'll have a "mentor" on hand.

Each stage consists of:

1) A tutorial
filled with advice and information on the aspect of writing theory to be covered in that session
2) A writing assignment for you to complete in your own time and return to us
3) Two-way follow-up E-mail communications assessing your writing assignment and providing guidance and pointers to help you to bring out the best of your talent and ability. The dialogue will continue until you are ready to move on to the next stage.

The course consists of eight stages in all,
and the cost is 500 Euros.
That's the equivalent of 62.50 Euros per stage.

Remember that in each session, the emphasis will be on our personal attention to your project and our responsiveness to your needs.

Consider the advantages of working by E-mail:

Sign up, now.

To E-mail any questions
or to book your Course now:
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payments can be made in pounds sterling by UK cheque,
in Euros by French cheque or bank transfer,
or online by Credit Card via
PAYPAL's secure server

What people have said about our Courses by E-mail...

"incredibly inspiring ... a great strategy" Gary P
"a breath of inspiration!" Greg C
"illuminating beyond words" Tessa S
"useful, motivating and reassuring" Karen J

"I thoroughly enjoyed doing it and found it very helpful"
Eileen Knowles

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