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Special Offers
for groups of 6 or more

        • Reduced Rate for Organisers
        • Greater Choice of Courses
        • Dates can be Arranged to Suit
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Do you run a Writers' Group?
If you can assemble at least five other people who want to participate in the course and
you organise a group booking for a party of six or more, including yourself
you will benefit from the
special organiser's rate of 300 Euros*.
(that's roughly 200 UK pounds sterling or 400 US dollars.
Can go up or down, subject to currency changes)

That's just 300 Euros for your course - less than half-price!*
*Normal rate for the Writing Course is 750 Euros.  Discounted rate for organiser available as long as 5 or more participants pay full price each. Organiser must pay for hotel accommodation (starting at 343 Euros) - click here for all the hotel rates

Exclusive Courses
subject to availability dates can be arranged on request
A group of six or more can book their own course for a week,

click here to enquire about available dates
Choose your own Courses
Select a Course to suit your groups needs
Choose from:
'Kick Start Your Project'
'Starting to Write Drama'
'Character, Dialogue & Story'
'Writing for Television'
'Narrative Structure'
'Character and Perspective'
'Soap Opera'
(a great opportunity to experience creating and writing as part of a team)

Find out more...
See below, for details about the Courses available.
"Kick Start Your Project"
This course will give your project the best possible start
by providing the stimulus and pointers you need
to create great characters and structure your story successfully.
Whether you're tackling a novel or drama for stage or screen,
come with the germ of an idea and in
7 days you'll develop solid foundations and a framework for your story.
You will leave the course confident and inspired to see your project through to the end.
Starting To Write Drama
For those who are new to writing drama.
Practical workshops on producing scripts for performance and
guidance on choosing the best medium for the story you want to tell:
radio, theatre, television or big screen.
Character, Dialogue & Story
Relevant to all types of storytelling, from drama for
stage and screen, to novels and short stories.
Exercises and techniques to craft dialogue,
create interesting believable characters and structure your story.
Writing For Television
An introduction to television drama,
from creating an original single play or serial drama,
to contributing to series and soap opera.
The course examines the marketplace of television and
the techniques involved in writing for it.
Narrative Structure
An advanced course in storytelling and structure.
How to choose the story steps and scenes which
enhance the dynamic of your narrative.
The course examines the different requirements of prose and drama,
offering techniques and guidelines which can be applied to all forms of storytelling.
Character and Perspective
In-depth exercises in developing character and using different perspectives.
How to bring your characters to life, find their voices and
allow them to tell your story for you.
Soap Opera
A crash course in the most popular form of television drama.
A complete hands-on experience of the processes of soap opera writing.
From the battles of the story conference through producing breakdowns of episodes,
to writing and editing scripts, and dealing with the last minute emergencies.
(There is a small extra charge per writer to cover production and postage costs of
a special Writer's Pack which accompanies this course, and
it should be noted that it is required reading before arrival.
Please enquire for further details.)
click here to enquire about available dates

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